Wilcox G24 Breakaway Mount

$500.00 $527.00

Wilcox G24 Mount

The Wilcox L4 G24 breakaway mount provides rock solid attachment for night vision goggles or j-arms with a dovetail interface. The Wilcox G24 mounts to any helmet using an Ops-Core VAS or standard Army shroud. The G24 mounting system allows the mount to break away from the shroud when stressed or sharp force is applied.  This protect the user from possible neck injury if their night vision becomes trapped during activities such as repelling, hard impacts, or maritime applications.  This breakaway feature is user configurable to be set to break away or stay attached depending on the users needs.

The Wilcox G24 mount provides a wide range of adjustment to allow for proper eye position.  The mount provides both height adjustment and cant adjustment.  This allows the user to both raise and lower their unit, as well as, adjust the angle of the night vision.

The Wilcox G24 mount is our favorite night vision helmet mount.  This mount is great for both binocular night vision, as well as, monoculars.  We believe this is the best helmet mount on the market.  We recommend the G24 mount when customers are using a dovetail mounting system on their unit.  This mount provides a long term option as users can switch from a monocular with a dovetail j-arm, to a bridge system, to a binocular setup without changing their mount.

*Please note – anodizing color can vary slightly by batch*