Unity Tactical SPARK


The Unity Tactical SPARK is a tiny personal identification/marking light that provides an excellent low-cost alternative for Ground PID and IFF to expensive and overbuilt marking devices designed to identify personnel to fixed-wing aircraft from several nautical miles away. Originally designed for the safety of workers on oil platforms, the SPARK weighs less than an ounce, making it lightweight and compact enough to be virtually unnoticed when affixed to helmets, plate carriers, chest rigs, or any other surface with a Velcro hoop attachment surface.

The SPARK is easily activated by pressing its center to cycle on/off, with a positive, tactile click for when the light is placed in a spot not visible to the user.

SPARK is powered by an internal, non-replaceable battery that will power the strobe for over 200 hours, and is water resistant, and fully encapsulated in a flexible silicon body. The LED will blink red when activated. SPARK is backed with Velcro for ready placement on tactical and industrial gear.

Don't run a Helstar strobe.  Don't be a buddyfucker.