Noisefighters MAX 14 J-Arm

The Noisefighters MAX14 J-Arm is an all metal, rigid and lightweight dovetail mount for the PVS-14 monocular. With a rotating knuckle the MAX14 provides a snug stow against your helmet, as well as allowing the monocular to be rotated away from your eye. Using 7075-T6 aluminum alloy it provides a ultralight, rigid, and durable mounting option for your night vision monocular.

The MAX14 uses a friction based mechanism, giving the user the ability to rotate their monocular in front of either eye and perfectly adjust for inter-pupillary distance. A slight rearward sweep of the inner arm helps position the monocular eyepiece closer to the eye and provides greater compatibility for those with larger helmets. The MAX14 uses a standard dovetail shoes to mount to any dovetail-style helmet mount like the Wilcox G24