LAC Improved Counterweight Kit


The Licentia Arms Improved Counterweight Kit is a dual role counterweight system that functions as a night vision counterweight and a secure PVS-31 battery pack holder. Constructed from laser cut laminate Cordura the LAC Improved Counterweight Kit is low profile, has positive retention, offers cable management, and has loop velcro for patches.

Adding a counterweight to the back of a night vision helmet helps balance out weight distribution and improves comfort for the user. However, we believe that if weight is added to a helmet it should serve a purpose. Other counterweight kits on the market either are small and provide only lead weights with no functionality or they are large, bulky, and outdated.

Users who use a PVS-31 battery pack can secure them to their helmet without fear of loosing an expensive battery pack.  This not only secures the battery pack, but also protects it while providing cable management solutions. By securing the battery pack cable the user eliminates the need to rig up sub par ways to eliminate snag hazards.