L3Harris ATPIAL High Power (LA-5B) - LE/MIL ONLY


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L3Harris ATPIAL High Power (LA-5B)

The L3Harris ATPIAL High Power (LA-5B) is a high power variant of the standard PEQ-15 laser aiming device. The ATPIAL High Power, otherwise known as the LA-5B, is a weapon mounted IR / visible laser aiming device used with night vision devices. The L3Harris LA-5B features an IR illuminator along with a slaved visible and IR laser. The slaved IR & visible lasers gives the user the ability to simply zero the visible laser and the IR laser will hold the same zero as the visible laser. This allows the zero process to be easier and more precise than zeroing the laser under night vision goggles.

Zeroing the laser is accomplished with elevation and windage flat head screws that sit flush with the housing eliminating accidental adjustment. If a screw driver is not handy, the rim of a 5.56 casing can be used to adjust the screws. The Illuminator is zeroed with knobs on the top and side of the unit. These knobs give the user the ability to adjust the illuminator position in the field without tools. This becomes especially helpful when using clip-on night vision devices. The user can zero both the lasers and the illuminator independently to ensure the aiming laser is in the center of the illuminator and to adjust the illuminator for clip-on night vision devices.

The L3Harris LA-5B features a low power and high power visible laser.  The high power visible laser greatly improves laser use in daylight conditions. The LA-5B mounts to any standard picatinny rail. The LA-5B can mount in multiple positions to accommodate various weapon platforms and other accessories. The L3Harris ATPIAL High Power (LA-5B) sits low on the rail so most lower 1/3 or taller optic mounts will clear the laser from a users sight picture.

The unit is operated with a selection dial and fire button on the top of the unit.  This allows for easy manipulation of the laser functions to fit the environmental need.  Another very intuitive and ergonomic feature is the rear facing battery compartment.  This lets the user change the batteries in the device without having to unmount the laser if being used with an iron sight mounted in front of the laser.

Due to the strong output of the ATPIAL High Power, the unit can reach out to extremely long distances and overcome strong photonic barriers. The laser output is capable of signaling distant aerial support, as well as, communication with others. This is extremely helpful in very low light and very high light conditions where higher outputs are needed.

The divergence adjustment of the L3Harris LA-5B illuminator offers a much wider range than the PEQ-15.  The illuminator can be focused very wide to all the way down to a very narrow beam much like the aiming laser.  This gives the ATPIAL HP a very versatile range of uses.